Hair Extensions vs Wigs: Which Is Better for Hair Loss?

While the majority of hair loss in men can be attributed to heredity, female hair loss occurs for a variety of reasons including polycystic ovary syndrome, iron deficiency, hormonal fluctuations, certain medical conditions, and harsh beauty treatments. In both men and women, hair loss can lead to feelings of embarrassment, inadequacy, and low self esteem. […]

Choosing Baby’s First Blankets: How to Select the Perfect Blankie

In terms of essentials, baby blankets are pretty fundamental. How do you work out what types to get and what to choose? There is just so much choice and it can be a minefield, so here are a few tips. Think about the temperature when the baby will be using it. Midwives suggest that babies […]

Decor your Home with Removable Wall stickers

removable wallpaper and stickers

Looking for an instant and dramatic change to your wall decor? Then you should try decorating with removable wall stickers! Wall stickers are a fast, fun, and easy way to redecorate any room in the house. Today’s technology offers beautifully sharp, laser-printed vinyl decals that are fully removable, reusable, and re-positionable – no matter how […]

What’s the cheapest way to learn a Language?

Learning a new language is one of those things a lot of us have on our bucket lists and would love to do. However, that doesn’t mean that many of us do it and one of the most prohibitive reasons is cost. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to lower the cost of learning […]

Giving Birth in a La Bassine Birthing pool

la bassine birthing pool

I’m a Mum. Most of my friends are Mums. And we pretty much all have one thing in common. We agree that giving birth to our child wasn’t what we expected, that it didn’t go the way we wanted it to, and – pretty universally, we wish we could do it differently. Oh, we’d all […]

Different Ways on How to Dress Up Your Ceiling

ceiling ideas for dress it up

One neglected part of the home is the ceiling. A plain ceiling is surely unnoticeable. Once you dress it up, you will be amazed at the difference that it can make. A lot of homeowners will soon realize that this overhead space can really be a stylish focal point. You can easily say goodbye to […]

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

pregnancy body pillow review

Basically, this LeachcoSnoogle total body pregnancy pillow is exceptionally supportive for some pregnant ladies to get quality sleep and to manage the pregnancy issues, for example, lower back pain, leg spasms, etc. In any case, before purchasing it, it’s important to peruse some positive and negative client reviews about this item. It’s a truth that […]

Breastfeeding Power Foods

Have you been searching and searching for the best foods for your milk supply? Or have you been looking for foods that will optimize the health of you and your baby? Look no further. This article will give you a small list of big, powerful foods for breastfeeding! Oatmeal Oatmeal is a wonderful complex carbohydrate […]

Easy Rice Dish: Chicken Fried Rice

chicken rice reipe

Rice is affordable meal base for many recipes. Here is an easy meal idea using leftover rice that my children love to eat: Chicken Fried Rice –This is the perfect dish to use leftover rice for. I often make too much rice deliberately just to have enough to make this dish the next night. Especially […]

Kiwi Crate National Crafting Month Giveaway

March is National Crafting Month and to get YOU inspired, Kiwi Crate is teaming up with Highlights Magazine and to offer your kid(s) a dream craft room! Celebrate with us and Kiwi Crate this month and enter your family into a giveaway of a lifetime! Get a Free downloadable mini-magazine just for entering!! How to Enter […]