10 Simple Halloween Home Decorating Ideas!

I absolutely love Halloween and this year I promised myself I would host a party for my friends and family to come to, though because I work two full time jobs I’ve struggled in the past to see how I would be able to pull it off in such a short amount of time! That was, until I got into DIY hacking – there are some incredibly simple ideas out there, all you need is a couple of minutes and a vivid imagination! I’ve recently invested in some beautiful reclaimed wood furniture; handmade tables for my dining room and matching benches, so I have a whole host of ideas for my Halloween dinner spread – it was the rest of the house I was panicking about!

However, I found some great hacks on Pinterest that I was so impressed with I decided to share them with you! These can all be created using household objects and cheap products that you can pick up easily on the high street!

10 Simple Halloween Home Decorating Ideas

1.) Bloody Towels

Using fake blood (you can pick this up in any pound store), cover your hands and then smear them onto your white towels (also available from pound stores) – allowing enough time for them to dry! This is an effective way to creep out your guests when they go to the bathroom!

2.) Paper Bats

Using card or foam (foam is recommended for outdoors) simply fold the sheets of material into fours and cut out the silhouette of a simple bat – this will create a couple of silhouettes to save you time! Then simply tack them in flocks across your doors or walls!

3.) Writing on the Wall

Using a washable marker or old lipstick, scrawl horrifying messages onto your ceramics, mirrors or even on the toilet roll! It’s the small details that will really impress your guests.

4.) Spill your Guts

Create illusions of death scenes throughout the house for a fully immersive halloween experience. Using fake blood, drop it down the walls of your shower (it won’t take much to get it clean again) or sink and leave clues around the murder scenes – such as hand or footprints.

5.) Face Jar

These jars are such a great idea and can be easily created using large mason jars filled with water and then inserting a cheap, flexible halloween mask! This also works quite with old photographs – spook your friends by putting one of their faces in the jar (don’t use water though!).

6.) Insects in the Soap

A genius idea to get all of your inanimate objects involved! Unscrew the top off of your liquid soap and post in a couple of plastic creepy crawlies – simple yet effective.

7.) Mask Your Lights

If you have bare bulbs or light brackets on your walls, spook them up using masks! You could use plain white paper masks like in the image or even use your gory store bought halloween masks.

8.) Eyeball Everything

Anything that you can see, that can’t ‘see’ you, needs eyes! Get imaginative like this DIYer did by adding eyeballs to their flower bouquet. I’ve seen people put eyeballs in jelly and stews to freak out the hungry guests and it works a treat!

9.) Thrift Shop Horrors

Run down to your local charity shop and see how many items you can scavenge for under a tenner and turn into iconic Halloween ornaments. You’re bound to find loads of bric-a-brac statues that you can spray paint black and give evil eyes! Or stick additional horns, tails and teeth onto. The same goes for buying old dolls that you can deface and turn into the stuff of nightmares!

10.) Dead Body

Using white bin liners and newspaper, create your own dead bodies to casually lie around the house! Leave one in the dripping blood bath, place one behind the toilet door or ledge one against the side of your shed… make it as gory or as sinister as you wish!