3 Reasons to Purchase Contact Lenses Online Instead of at the Optometrist

When you visit your optometrist you might feel pressured to buy contacts through him. However, there are many financial advantages to buying contacts online rather than purchasing them directly through your optometrist. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind if it’s time to renew your contact lense prescription.


If you purchase your contact lenses through your optometrist, you are directly limited by what contact lenses he or she chooses to stock in their office. There are hundreds of different contact lenses on the market, and your optometrist might only carry a few.

When you shop online, however, you have access to every type of contact lenses imaginable. Online shops tend to have a much larger selection than an optometrists office, meaning it will be easier to find the perfect type of lenses for your eyes.


Optometrists make money by marking up their contact lenses by a huge margin and pocketing the extra. Online shops, however, tend to have smaller margins due to the fact that they keep a huge number of contact lenses in stock and order in bulk directly from the manufacturer.

In other words,the savings are passed on to you. You can easily find contact lenses online at prices substantially lower than any contact lenses you’d see at an optometrists office.


Instead of trying on pair after pair of contact lenses at the optometrists office, filling your order and then waiting, sometimes up to 3 weeks, for your lenses to arrive at the office; when you order online the process is much simpler.

You only have to enter a valid prescription and your shipping information and click a button. Your contact lenses will then arrive at your home, sometimes as soon as a few days after you placed your order.

Next time you visit the optometrist know that your options aren’t just limited to what sort of contact lenses he or she provides. There is a whole wide world of contact lenses open to you if you buy them online. For more information on contact lenses, Lens.com answers all your contact lens questions.