3 Reasons Why a Handmade Teepee Makes the Perfect Kids’ Christmas Present

There are many reasons why a handmade teepee makes the perfect the perfect kids’ Christmas present, and here are just three of them.

  1.    Reclaim Your Dining Table or Room…Whilst Encouraging Your Child’s Development

Some reasons why a teepee makes a great gift for a kid are as simple as pointing out that gifting a teepee is likely to mean never again discovering your dining table is suddenly a fortress…or otherwise inhabited.

Giving the gift of a teepee (if it is ever possible to get serious about such a matter) though also provides kids with their own designated and private space. This is importantlyan adult-free space in which a child can grow and develop without the pressure of feeling they have to be who the adults in their lives might like them to be, all whilst safely within the home.

Then, a teepee in this case (but a den of any kind more generally speaking) provides somewhere a child can go and knows no adult can follow. This liberates and encourages kids to establish their own personal space. It is also a natural and non-threatening way to introduce the notion of privacyto a child of even a young age which, in turn and in time as the case may be, is likely to help develop and deepen their confidence and self reliance, emotionally and psychologically speaking.

After all, it isn’t just us grownups who need some space sometimes; kids can get just as fed up, frustrated and tired of dealing with us too.In fact, and as stated via the Mental Help website: ‘Children’s need for privacy grows as a function of their growing appreciation of themselves as social objects’.Then, a tepee makes a gift that, whilst your child might not realise it on a conscious level or explicitly, also shows that you respect their need for space and respect theirboundaries as well as expecting them to respect yours as their parent, guardian or simply an adult and as such automatic authority figure in their life.

  1.   Avoid Having to Build a DIY Pirate Ship or Fairytale Castle on Your Day Off

…and then live in a house which contains a pirate ship, and with it probably a rowdy excitable crew of scallywags.

Suffice to say, feeding a little person’s imagination through educational play is really important, but it is rarely if ever ‘child’s play’ when it comes to realising the visions your kid(s) might have in order to keep them from throwing a wobbler, or just realising all to soon (for your ego if not theirs) that grownups do not always know best, or get it right.

That is to say, whilst the internet is full of amazing DIY dens created by parents around the world (such as the one featured here on the Good to Know website) making a festive igloo out of a thousand empty milk bottles after work is enough to reduce most busy parents to tears, if the result doesn’t do the same or worse to their kids’. Plus, where exactly do people get so many empty and pre-washed milk bottles?

  1.    Save Space, Money, Mess, Time and Tears

Even if you are the sort of parent willing to go to any length to realise you child’s dream den, the likelihood is that buying the amount of materials required to create a DIY den (before even attempting to draw up a blueprint or get building) is going to cost a fair amount of money, and time, and stress, and space, and potentially tears too. Then, why not save yourself all of that by simply turning to the experts such as the tepee making team at Just for Tiny People?

The teepees made by the Just for Tiny People team are safe for children and even tots to enjoy and use, handmade and designed here in the UK. As such, they are also made to the strictest quality as well as being available in so many designs and sizes that choosing one is likely to be the hardest and most time consuming element involved in the process (especially if you involve your kid or kids when it comes to picking). Meanwhile, the actual assembly of a Just for Tiny People teepee is something that you can enjoy doing with children should they want to take part, just as you would when making a DIY den. The only likely difference is that this den is guaranteed to go up and stay up, of course.

Ateepee tent is therefore a really magical gift to think of buying any kid this Christmas. What’s more, being made of durable fabric, they are not only easy to clean but as well hard to break, making them ideal for withstanding a siege, pirate attack and a fair few temper tantrums along the way. Then, and to finish, another great reality of providing your kid(s) with a teepee to storm off to and sulk within  is that being made of soft fabric there is of course no door to slam behind them!