3 ways busy mothers can keep their little ones active at home for less

A busy mum will be quick to tell you how it’s more exhausting, and harder work, than going out work every day. When you have little ones running around you simply never stop. When they don’t need feeding or changing or supervising they need to be kept active in order for them to not get bored and you know what happens when a toddler gets bored; all hell breaks loose.

Now that winter is drawing accompanied with its inevitable cold, wind and rain it is even more vital to find things that will keep toddlers active within the home. After several discussions regarding this we have tried to make it easier for you by coming up with our 3 ways of keeping your little ones active at home for a little less. There are many more obviously but from our own personal experiences we know that these all work well.


All children love music so what better way to keep them active and occupied than by putting on their favourite tunes and dancing together? Experts recommend that toddlers need at least 30 minutes of adult led activity per day to stave off boredom and this 30 minutes could be the best spent half hour of the day as at the end of it they will be able to go back to amusing themselves if it isn’t nap time.

As children love to copy you can do a simple dance routine with them or a pop a musical DVD on and both of you dance along with it. Dancing will help younger children to hone their balance while those a bit older will love showing you their moves, and seeing yours as well!

Arts and Crafts

Few parents will have a home bereft of their little angels’ creative efforts. It can be tempting to just sit a child down in front of a selection of art products but as they are renowned for their limited attention span this can be a recipe for disaster.

Sitting down with them and creating masterpieces together is not only fun and productive it is also a lovely way of spending that special time with your child that is often overlooked unintentionally due the fact so many of live our lives at a hundred miles a minute. If you’re looking for a good selection Costcutteruk.com tend to offer some great arts and crafts items.

With Christmas around the corner why not get the stuff in to help them make their own Xmas cards? They will not only love making them but the proud recipients will make sure they have pride of place and they will find their way into many precious memory boxes.  You may baulk at the thought of doing this kind of activity with very young children but when you consider how young they are when they first find a rogue pen and start decorating your walls with it you can adapt the activity to suit all ages.


Not technically within the home but certainly within its boundaries, taking them out in the garden to help you can be great fun for both of you. Okay, they may prefer to play in the leaves than sweep them up but my making them feel involved instead of constantly telling them to put that down or leave that alone will make the time fly over. Even giving them something like plant pots to take from one place to another will keep them occupied, and giving them a toy lawn mower to cut the grass will also keep them both active and occupied. Kids Garden have some great tips on the subject.