3 Ways to Draw Bees and Help Them Thrive in Your Garden

Thanks to a new infographic from BudgetDirect, we have a few tips on attracting bees to your garden. It provides tips on which flowers and trees to plant, and other inventive bee-drawing tips.

Here are some of their best tips:

1. Plant Bee-Friendly Flowers

They recommend planting native flowers, and one of their infographics highlights 18 different flowers that are native to Australia. Native flowers draw native bees, making it easy for our yellow-striped friends to gather the pollen they need for survival.

2. Let Your Grass Grow Tall

Dandelions and other plants are eager to grow in your grass beds. These plants are a boon to bees, providing them nectar, which is essential for them to thrive. Flowers growing in your lawn also provide more options for your local honey bees, drawing more of them to your garden patch.

3. Provide a Bee Bath – Put Out Water

Bees need water to stay alive on hot summer days. They also use water to keep their hives cool. The article recommends putting stones in the water dishes, to keep the bees safe from drowning.

For more information on bringing buzzing bees into your garden, including tips on which plants to grow to attract bees, visit their site. They have an abundance of helpful tidbits to help you keep your local bees in the pollen for their honey making.


best ways to draw bees


Infographic Source: Budget Direct