4 Popular but Ineffective Diets and 1 That Works

It is highly possible that you have already tried losing weight before but you were unable to do that because the type of diet that you did was not effective at all. You might have followed the instructions but you never got anything out of it. You might have felt frustrated afterwards and you do not want to try any diet ever again.

Do remember that even in the midst of all the ineffective diets that are available, there are still effective diets that can be tried. One example of that is the HCG diet, which is known to be a diet that can be tried by both men and women. HCG drops simply need to be placed underneath the tongue before breakfast. This is known to help reset metabolism and can also help remove hunger pangs that people might feel. So this is the one that really works.

Do you know any popular but ineffective diet? Here are just some that you may have tried but did not do anything for you:

  1. The 17 Day Diet

This was really popular a few years ago because it is supposed to have a four-stage weight loss plan that can help people lose weight after 17-day period. It is composed of only taking in low levels of carbodhydrates which can then help people lose weight at the soonest possible time. There is also a need for people to walk about 17 minutes every day. While this may be effective for a short period of time because it tends to make people eat less than they should, this is not an effective diet that can be used for a long period of time.

  1. The Atkins Diet

This is one type of diet that is considered to be so popular that a lot of people have already tried it. Some people have said that they have lost about 15 pounds in two weeks so it is only natural that people would want to lose weight fast. This is a low carbohydrate diet and of course, the low intake of carbohydrates can result to weight loss but this will not happen for a long time.

  1. Master Cleanse Diet

A lot of people have said that the Master Cleanse Diet has worked so well for Hollywood celebrities but then cleanse diets are mostly just composed of various liquids that were supposed to take out the toxins found in the body. While this may help in taking out the toxins, this is not meant to be used as a long term diet because people cannot survive on liquids alone.

  1. NutriSystem

There are times when people would like to have their meals arranged ahead of time and this might work for some people if they would stick to the diet plan but a lot of people struggle with trying not to eat anything else aside from the pre packaged meals like what NutriSystem provides. In the long run, this will not work at all.

Do remember that these are diets that you may be better off avoiding in case you have not tried them before.