4 Tips to Change Your Newborn Photography

Have confidence in what you do!

Most beginners believe that confidence can be achieved only with experience. To some point yes, but you should also watch some techniques not only from professional photographers but also from some professional podiatrists and therapists. When parents come to your session they should feel confident that you can handle the baby, and they can feel it only if you feel it. So even when something goes not as you have planned to, stay confident and calm, because your mood will also be transferred to a baby.
Communicate session details with clients

It seems to be obvious, but unfortunately it happens very often that what you understand under the words “photo session” can be different from what the clients actually imagine in their heads. So make sure that you explain your vision of a session and listen carefully to what parents want to get from it. Make sure that you explain your preferences about the age of a baby, place and time where you want the session to take place. Try not to say a statement “I like it so” but explain to the parents why some time of the day is better for a session or why they need to bring food, for example.

Heat the room

This is something that you should always keep in mind. As one of the professional newborn photographers confessed, she always runs the heater to the highest level and she knows that until she is not sweating the baby does not feel comfortable. This fact comes from the different temperatures of the grown-up’s and toddler’s body. We have different body temperature with children (the latter have higher) so if you want a baby to feel comfortable make yourself sweat.
Light and angle matter a lot!

As you are a photographer you definitely know how important it is to set the right light to any object, and especially such little and cute as a baby. Light is probably one of the biggest fails and problems that every newbie in newborn photography goes through. According to the experts from HoneyBourne Studio – newborn photography studio in Toronto, if you are not sure about the light use, it is much better to spend some money and join some workshop to learn the basics of this art.


If you are already a parent this is easier for you because you already know the importance of various soothing techniques to calm the baby down during the session. If you are not familiar with them, once again, take some workshops because you need to learn about the positions that are comfortable for a baby in order to use them during your shoots. Soothing is also important if the baby starts to stir or willing to move. You need to be able only with a couple of gestures and quite “shhhh” make him or her stay calm and relaxed so that you will get a possibility to make a perfect shot. If something does not work for the first time, do not worry this will be natural for you after only a couple of sessions!