5 Popular Themes to Plan Your Kid’s Birthday Bash

Kids are the engines of your home driving everyone’s life towards happiness. Without the sweet sound of their laughter, nothing seems to be okay and peaceful. Birthday is the most special day in anyone’s life and for a kid it is definitely the most exciting day of his/her life. The most alluring thing for a kid on his/her birthday is the pour of gifts and gathering of friends. So, organizing a birthday party for kids seems like a heavy task because so many things have to be considered, like, food, décor, return gifts, etc. Kid’s birthday cakes can be ordered from some local shop or e-commerce portals or it would be great if you can bake the cake. Apart from the cakes, here are some of the décor ideas that you can incorporate in your kid’s birthday party.

kids birthday cake ideas

Rainbow theme décor

This one is the easiest plan to be executed. You just need colorful décor items like paper boats, paper lanterns, polka dot pin wheels, and a multicolored birthday cap. Decorate your cake with colorful Cadbury Gems chocolate and have a blast on this special day. To sizzle up the white or light shaded walls, apply colored papers on them.

rainbow theme cake decor

Barbie theme party

If your sweet little angel is the biggest Barbie fan, you must decorate her birthday with everything that is very Barbie or girly in approach. The lawn can be decorated with pink colored tents with various activities going inside each tent. The tent inside which dance is organized must be decorated with a cut out of a dancing Barbie. So, you get a unique idea to sizzle your angels birthday.

kids party themes and cake

Car and more cars theme

If your small hero is a fan of all the hot shot car models of the world, you must treat his birthday evening with a cake designed like the Ferrari. He would be super happy with such a gift. A new bicycle can be given for the time being as he is not old enough to drive a car.

car kids birthday party theme

Old World Charm party

This one would be really funny and worth a memory when you get the elements of the old world in your living room or terrace and draft the birthday party theme. The cake can be personalized with the image of your son/daughter as the prince/princess. Old world lanterns, crockery set, and dress has to be used.

Snow White Party

That poisonous candy apple, a snowy white forest birthday cake for kids, candy gem decorated cupcakes, and some cute cookies, – isn’t this a perfect tone of love for your sweetheart? These things would be easily available and thus you can design a beautiful birthday party.