9 Dream Homes We’ve All Thought About, or Will Now!

It starts out when you’re young. You find yourself daydreaming about the perfect home. This home feels like any home, but the different aesthetic forms fly through your head at an advanced speed, causing the home to feel a bit more personalized. After awhile, you run out of homes to imagine.

This is where Home Advisor’s 9 homes from around the world ¬†infographic can come in handy to spark your imagination once again. These houses are so brilliant, it’s hard not to daydream and be jealous of the homeowners!

Suburban houses with a stunning white picket fence.

Suburban houses don’t have to have a white picket fence in order to be the house of your dreams. However, the fence definitely goes with the look! Usually 2-4 stories, these houses have the perfect square-ish shape with windows accenting the front of the house. The Queenslander in Australia and Cape Cod Revival House in the USA are examples of these suburban dream houses.

The quiet, quaint cabins.

Minka, Japan and the Batak House in Indonesia show secluded dream cabins with different structures all screaming unique. These have a triangular shape and their own unique pieces, such as the stunning designs on the Batak House. Whether in the snow or tropical areas, cabins are amazing for living in natural areas.

Living in the cities.

The Mar-del-Plata style House in Argentina and the Semi-Detached Victorian House in England were all made to be in close quarters with other homes. These houses look best attached or very close to similar style homes. All have a certain nostalgic sense to them and are stunning houses.

All of these homes, as beautiful as they are, are only a couple categories of houses. If you break them down, they all have their own very fine details. There are also unique structures like the Musgum Mud Hut in Cameroon and the Tico House in Costa Rica that many people love to call home. There are many amazing structures built around the world, you just have to have the passion to find them!

building your own home from around the world

Infographic Source: HomeAdvisor, https://www.homeadvisor.com/r/build-your-own-home-from-around-the-world/