A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Paint for Your House

Okay, you are now standing in front of the paint swatches in your local hardware store with your eyes glazed over wondering which color paint to choose. You’re trying to resist the urge to give up your paint job altogether. Or if you are like me, you go home with so many paint swatches you could open up your own paint store.

Well have no fear, thanks to HomeAdvisor, there’s a method to the painting madness. Their helpful infographic has all the important information to help you choose a color based on the purpose that the room is going to serve. Not only does this website tell you what the colors mean, but it will also tell you what colors to paint the room according to the purpose that the room is going to serve! Yes! Finally!

So painting my bedroom the barn red that I was initially thinking probably would not be a good idea. Cream would be a better choice, as it refreshes and soothes while promoting warmth and cleanliness.

And your bedroom? After all,  you want passion there but, does that really matter on the color of the room? Yes! Remember this, wouldn’t you want a color that promotes sleep which is a necessity for a productive workday? I know, I know, you want the passion but it’s best to go with a more blue shade which will promote calming and encourage sleep. Remember that picking a color for your room can be much harder than you think, but by keeping a few key facts in mind, you can make your next project a breeze.

interior paint colors

Infographic Source: http://www.homeadvisor.com/r/interior-paint-colors/#.WO0JXNLyvIW