A Complete Guide to Finding the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

Too often, a customer can select a lens shape that they are drawn to because the glasses themselves are attractive and stylish.

However, to simply select an aviator, cat eye, square, oversized or semi-rimless pair of glasses based on lens shape alone misses the mark. For the best look, it’s important that you consider your specific face shape – as not all glass choices are equal when it comes to defining the best lens for your face shape. Here’s a helpful infographic from BestBuyEyeglasses to help you choose the right glasses for your face shape.

According to Readers.com, customers both male and female fall into four basic categories. All human face shapes will fall into one of the following categories: round, square, oval or heart.

The round face is characterized by full cheeks, rounded chin and the overall face is equal in length and width. The square face has a prominent jawline, angular features and a wide forehead. The oval face has balanced features, high cheekbones and the chin will be noticeably narrower than the forehead. Lastly, the heart face shape has a broad forehead,a pointed narrow chin and high cheekbones.

To truly accentuate your specific face shape, consider the following guidelines.

If you have a round face, look for glass choices that have strong details. Look for choices that have wider rather than tall lenses and use nose-pads to keep the glasses from sliding down on the cheeks. In order to buy cheap glasses online, you need to apply certain promotion and coupon.

For the square face, look for rounded or up-swept shapes. Select options with thinner frame and neutral colors.

For an oval face, look for choices with bold shapes, fun colors and textures and glasses with a size and appearance that maintains balance.

And finally, the heart shaped face will be best accentuated with frames that are wider than the forehead to make the broad forehead appear smaller. Any details on the glasses should be on the lower half and frames generally in lighter colors is best for the heart shaped face.