AccuMed – Perfect Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Strips

On the off chance that you are a super sharp TTC-er, you have likely found out about ladies utilizing their Opks (ovulation indicator packs) as pregnancy tests. Then again, in the event that you are new to the TTC group, you may be thinking about how this is conceivable. While it is surely conceivable to utilize an ovulation test as a pregnancy test, it is not so much the most fitting system for testing for pregnancy. Here is the down and out on utilizing an ovulation test as a pregnancy test. In principle, hence, a positive result on an ovulation test taken after you have missed a period could unquestionably show that you are pregnant. Anyway, while it may be enticing to utilize your additional ovulation test as a pregnancy test, most Opks are not as touchy as an early recognition pregnancy test, which implies that you will run the danger of getting a false negative…so, regardless of the fact that you are pregnant, your OPK won’t be sufficiently delicate to recognize the little measures of hcg that are available in your pee in the initial couple of days after origination.

The Luteinizing Hormone (LH) which is in the pee of ladies will increment significantly amidst the menstrual cycle. The LH build triggers ovulation which is the point at which the egg is discharged occasionally from fruitful ladies.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone, created by the creating placenta not long after the origination and emitted into the pee. The pregnancy test contains antibodies which particularly respond with this hormone. At the point when the strip is submerged into the pee example, hairlike activity conveys the example to move along the film. At the point when HCG in the example achieves the Test Zone area of the film, it will structure a hued line. Nonattendance of this shaded line recommends a negative result.

For HCG and LH Test you ought to utilize AccuMed strip, It is very suggested by specialists because of beneath favorable circumstances.

  • Their Pregnancy & Ovulation Test Strips are affirmed by the FDA for being in excess of 99.9% exact.
  • Fast and simple to-peruse brings about 5 minutes by basically dunking the strip into the pee test for 3-5 seconds.
  • They need everybody to have availability to the most noteworthy quality items, without the fantastic costs.

Their Combo 40 Pack (LH) Ovulation Test Strips & 20 Pack (HCG) Pregnancy Test Strips are available for $19.49 only. You can buy that from Amazon.