All Netflix UK users can enjoy US content – Know how

Your chances of using Netflix are more if you’re a regular watcher of TV shows or a movie buff. If you haven’t been using Netflix US, you will start using it in a while. You must understand the fact that Netflix UK doesn’t provide you with the wider variety of the US Netflix content. There are a number of websites that will show you a clear comparison between the content offered by Netflix US and Netflix UK. Compared with the US version that offers about 9,356 movies and shows, the UK version provides you with a little more than 3000 movies and shows. So, you can easily see that the content offered under the US version is about three times to that of the content provided by the UK version.

Your logging information is read by Netflix automatically since it’s based on location. However, you may give Netflix a hint that you’re in a different location by tricking your PC. This is likely to give you a good opportunity to access Netflix’s content from other parts of the world. This article throws some light upon the trick that you’re going to play.

How to get started with the switching process

Making use of Netflix’s services is much easier when you use Google Chrome. You may experience complications with a few browsers, but Chrome will make things easier for you. At this point, you need to choose an extension that will enable you to access Netflix US in your country. You may choose to use the Media Hint extension, but you’ll need to pay for it. Alternatively, you may use the ZenMate extension which comes for free. Whichever extension you choose however, both will serve the same purpose.

The Zenmate or Media Hint extension button will appear on your screen after it gets installed. Click on the button and select the ‘New York’ option. Your computer will get the false impression that you’re based in US, and it will provide access to all websites that are offered to US viewers. You won’t face any problems while accessing the American Netflix from within UK. This technology equips you to access Netflix content from many other countries like Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong and Russia. Accessing foreign content is just as smooth as if you’re accessing them from within a chosen region.

The ZenMate extension seeks a number of permissions, but then, it’s not a big problem for users. You may cope with it very easily and will rarely hear any words of dissatisfaction. Although the opinions of all Netflix users may vary, but the universal view remain identical. This extension even helps your browser traffic to be encrypted, thus securing your valuable information. Both for Opera and Google Chrome browsers, this extension is really smooth. Although researchers are working on a Firefox Zenmate extension, they haven’t shared any due date.

If you ever wish to switch over to the UK based settings, you’ll need to turn it off by clicking on the icon. It’s actually that easy, and the service comes for free. Your Netflix subscription gains more value realistically due to the innumerable options provided to US Netflix viewers in comparison to Netflix UK viewers.