Are Designer Kid’s Clothes Best Bought Second Hand?

To buy or not to buy new or second hand toys, clothes and other baby stuff? That is the question that many parents, especially first-timers, ask. However, statistics show that second hand designer kids clothes carry the day. If second hand stuff for babies wasn’t good, it wouldn’t be so popular online and from local nearly new sales in London and other cities.

Whatever you need, from whichever designer in the world, even the designers whose stuff is hard to find in the UK, you will find all brand names in second hand stores. In addition to the cheap second hand prices, if you can spare some time to look for coupons, you can save more money. As the name suggests…a nearly new baby sale means just that… nearly new…not entirely new, but as close as you can get.

happy baby girl is going on trip, pack suitcase

Kids outgrow their clothes fast – so buy what is necessary

You love your kid and maybe you feel that they shouldn’t wear second hand clothes. Well… allow me to let you on in a little secret. When it comes to kids, look for second hand designer items or better yet, look for a local nearly new sale and save money. Believe it or not, you will need the money to buy more clothes in a year or in several months. Why? Because kids grow fast and they outgrow their outfits, making them obsolete. If you insist on buying new designer items where the cost is usually too high, you will have to part with a lot of money each year.

It is really not second hand… it is nearly new, and at a nearly new baby sale, you find items that people will find hard to believe are used. What makes them even better is that you do not have to move from one store to another looking for your baby items. You can do your shopping in one place. Don’t know the size of your baby? Don’t worry. Babies don’t worry about their size. Rather, most brands sell by age. For example, if your bundle of joy is 2 months old, just search for items in that age bracket.

Buy second hand baby goods and save money

Common sense dictates…never pay a quid more than you should. There is no sense in paying a high price for toys and baby equipment when you can pay much less for similar items and no one will tell it is not new. Only you will know. People love a good bargain and second hand items offer the best bargain. For example, you can get designer baby clothes from only 50p, baby carriers and slings from £10 and even buggies from £40.

Selling second hand baby items is becoming a popular business in London. In fact, it can be easier to get second hand items than new items. Just search on Google, type second hand baby stuff and the first 100 results will be of the most popular baby items stockists in the UK.