Baby Showers in General

With one baby being born every minute, baby showers are, by far the most celebrated occasions in the world. And while this particular day celebrates the imminent arrival of your bundle of joy, it is also a day to celebrate a new mom for being a fabulous woman. This is why preparation is key. Baby showers have evolved and are very different from the kind our mothers before us had.

A modern day baby shower comes with all the bell and whistles. From safari themed invitations, gifts ideas, food, venue decorations, table set-up, music, dress-code, etiquette to mention a few. That said, a baby shower should be one that a new mom will remember for the rest of her life and will rave about it to her child once they are all grown up. Ideally, you want to be able to enjoy the day without the hustle and bustle.

baby shower invitation templates

So a few things have to be carefully considered such as;

  • When is the baby shower

You want to be able to sit back and enjoy the day without worrying about the chances of early pregnancy. A baby shower should be planned for early third trimester when the mom-to-be is well passed the early labor period and not too far progressed that she may go into labor on the day.

  • Who is organizing the baby shower

Some moms-to-be are very independent and prefer planning their own baby shower. However, traditionally, a baby shower should be organized by someone other than the expectant mum/ dad. A relative or friend usually does it or someone you feel comfortable with.

  • The cost of organizing a baby shower

A baby shower can be as simple or as extravagant as your budget allows but there are many ways to cut costs through a DIY project in making the banners, invitation cards, decorations. This allows you to splurge on other important things such as great food, drinks, flowers, and centerpieces. Depending on how many people are attending, consider having a tea party. They are very popular, simple to organize, and suitable for all ages.

  • The theme of the baby shower

This is where you can let your imagination and creativity run amok, but in an elegant way, especially if you know the sex of the baby. For example, you can have your invitations and venue decorated with a safari baby shower theme that can be carried throughout the banners, table centerpieces, baby-themed safari cookie bouquets, suitable tableware. You can even take the safari theme a notch higher and have some jungle stuffed animals around. Just remember, less is more.

  • Baby shower entertainment and gifts

To avoid having duplicate gifts, be specific and do not be shy to even ask your guests for gift vouchers instead of baby gifts because you may end up having 10 of the same gift sets that you can’t return.Have a few baby shower games such as ‘pin the sperm on the egg’ and simply enjoy the day.