Best 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

As you know, the first birthday of a child is, in fact, a special day more for the child’s parents than for the child him or herself, because a toddler can barely understand the idea of a birthday party. This is why a lot of people today mislead by these thoughts choose to give some special presents exactly for the parents forgetting about the child. But you need to always remember that in the first place this is child’s birthday, and there is nothing easier than to choose a great present for a toddler, especially today, when the market is full of all sorts of ideas to offer you. In this article you will learn how to be creative when looking for the first birthday of your friends’ child.

Something about the Beauty

The first thing we would like to tell you about is to make your friends’ child a little princess or a prince. Today the market of various accessories for toddlers flourishes and develops day after day. So if you decided to make some special present for a baby girl then there is nothing better than a headband with beautiful flowers or bows to complete her birthday look. As a rule, when going for a boy’s birthday the situation becomes harder because they do not wear those beautiful headbands. But experts advise not to be taken up with the idea of headbands because modern accessories for boys include various elegant ties and bows that will make a little gentlemen look perfect on his very special occasion.

Filling and Spilling

According to professional therapists fill-and-spill toys are just perfect if you want to introduce a toddler the concept of losing and finding things. It means that when a child takes some figure from, for example, some kind of bucket then he or she will see that it is not there anymore and will try to find it and put back. Such a game teaches kids not only to tidy the room but also train their attention.

Sorting and Stacking

This type of toys are created to help toddlers recognize various shapes and also to learn color matching. Small objects help develop motor function of hands and fingers while manipulating small objects. The most popular options in this category are blocks, LEGO construction sets, and even old good pyramids with rings of different sizes.

Rocking and Rolling

Just like many most adults, children dream of having a car too! So do not hesitate and get a little driver a low ground car. In general, experts advise to get low ground cars because they will reduce the risk of injuries and in this way a baby who only starts to walk will be able to strengthen the muscles.
For the same sake there is a perfect gift for a Wild-wild West party – a horse. A lot of modern designs of such toys will develop baby’s vestibular apparatus and also coordination. Moreover, here you can combine beauty and functionality by presenting a horse matching several wild-west headbands for babies from and create a true cowboy or cowgirl look. Take the pictures of this little cute Terror and add one more picture to the family album!