Best Choice for Professional Athletes and Body Builders

Deca durabolin or nandrolone decanoate ranks second best injectable steroid which is very popular among professional athletes and body builders. This anabolic steroid was developed by Organon and was first time brought in or introduced in the year 1960. This steroid is one of the best rated drugs for maintaining slender muscle mass. It also helps in proper stimulation of appetite. A versatile steroid deca durabolin is also known as 19-nortestosterone, is an enterprise and brand name of nandrolone decaonate. It is one of the most favorable and beneficial drug in medical practice.


As we know that this popular drug is mainly used by professional athletes and body builders it has many advantages such as it has the capacity and potential to improve muscle growth and bone density. It is good for bone tissues and joints, when the athletes face joint problems the proper use of this drug has given a positive result by providing some relief and aid. It has the tendency to increase and promote bone mineral content. The deca durobolin enhanced recovery of connective tissue and bone tissue too. It may be used to enhance and improve performance, nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and endurance. The most important advantage of deca durabolin is that it helps the athletes and the body builders to lift heavier weight. A small dose of this steroid with proper consultation with doctor has also benefited the children in developing retardation. It has also been used by the professionals for treating osteoporosis. This proves that deca durabolin is truly un esteroide versátil.

The steroid helps in increasing the red blood cells in the body. People mainly use this steroid during the professional competitions but it can also be used during off season in a way to keep their body in shape. Low doses of this drug can help in enhancing nitrogen retention. This drug has been used to treat specific type of breast cancer, this is also capable of treating ulcers, and has also been used for severely burn victims.


The misuse of this drug may lead to many complications which can affect the people. This drug is not good for pregnant women and those who breastfeed their kids. Without consulting the doctor this steroid is not good for the children. Though it helps in development of retardation it should be kept in mind that correct dose is only beneficial. It increases the risk of androgenic side effects such as body hair growth, acne, etc in female. The male can face problem in urinary tracks and the female on the other hand may experience menstrual abnormalities, change in tone of their voice, acne, etc. It can also lead to fertility disorder in men inhibiting sperm formation.

This drug also affects electrolyte balance, insomnia, habituation, depression and people often complain of libido changes in them. The other negative effects of consuming this drug include vomiting, diarrhea, alteration in clotting factor, nausea, etc.

Though these drugs have harmful factors, it is still on the market. And people are reaching out to the retailers for more bottles of these drugs.