Best Personalised Baby Wear and gifts Ideas

With the growing popularity of baby showers and ‘New Arrival’ parties, there is no doubt that buying that special gift for any newborn can be a mountain of a task.

As a mother, I can’t tell you the amount of times that I’ve received duplicate gifts in the form of clothes, toys or even toiletries.  Seriously, no new mother wants 5 bottles of baby lotion,3 of the same outfits in the same age range or 7 bottles of baby oil.And more to that, nappy cakes with brands or products that you wouldn’t even consider using on your newborn.

So, based on this, here are a few tips to getting the right kind of gift:

  1. Talk to the expectant parents and ask what kind of things they have bought already.  You may even find out what products or brands they have or will be buying regularly.
  2. If you have experience of babies yourself and have ever come across that one amazing product that saved you from sleep deprivation/constant baby crying/lack of time management, then feel free to impart that wisdom.
  3. These days there are so many websites that provide personalized gifts that it can be a bit overwhelming.  DTGprintz is a fantastic company which provides beautiful gifts such as blankets, bibs, towels and an array of baby clothes.  These can be embroidered or printed with your chosen text and colors.  This is a great way of ensuring your gift will not only be used and treasured but shows you really thought about the gift.
  4. Make some personalized vouchers offering babysitting hours, cleaning hours and free meals or buy gift vouchers.

However, if baby gifts confuse you or if you want to treat the new parents, DTGprintz also offer various types of clothing that can be personalized such as ‘Daddy Est.2015’ tees to clothing with a baby image that sits on the tummy for mum.

And if you’re an expectant mum and dad-to-be and you’re trying to find the perfect way of announcing your fabulous news then why not design matching t-shirts using DTGprintz online designer.