Best Way to Bling your Babygrow

Crystallizing has become a serious trend, and just about anything can be embellished with Swarovski crystals – mobile phone cases, shoes, clothing, glasses, greeting cards, hair accessories and even nails. Aside from blinging up dresses, high heels and accessories, addicted crystallizers are also gluing rhinestones to objects around the home – think photo frames, mirrors and kettles and toasters to add some pizzazz to the kitchen!

But now, parents who love to sparkle are also passing their bling obsession onto their babies. The newest embellishment trend is crystallizing baby gear, and the first and simplest project is blinging a babygrow. Worn on its own or twinkling along with crystal-studded booties and an embellished dummy and rattle, a toddler can look glamorous from head to toe. That baby-blinging industry is reportedly worth £5billion a year!

Countless baby boutiques have popped up offering everything you need to turn your baby girl into a dazzling diva. From rhinestone encrusted dummies to bespoke clothing designs, you can find absolutely anything for your stylish tot – but it’s much cheaper if you do it yourself!

All you need to do is choose what design you’d like on your son or daughter’s babygrow. You can find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest or elsewhere on the web, but be this is the time to be creative and original. You can write out their name, nickname or how about a crown for your tiny princess or prince? You could even write out something cheeky in crystals, such as “I’ve got style like my mum!”

Then all you have to do is purchase a pack of Swarovski crystals, which are available in a rainbow of colours, and glue each one to the babygrow as required. It may take some time to complete the design, but it’s a project you can keep coming back to over a couple of days when your little one is napping.

Once you’ve mastered the art of blinging a babygrow, you’ll be a crystallizer for life and will want to bling up everything you can! Accessories such as shoes and hair pieces are next, and you can even add rhinestones to a dummy. But why stop there? Sparkle lovers are also blinging potties, changing bags and baby wipe cases!