Breastfeeding Power Foods

Have you been searching and searching for the best foods for your milk supply? Or have you been looking for foods that will optimize the health of you and your baby? Look no further. This article will give you a small list of big, powerful foods for breastfeeding!


Oatmeal is a wonderful complex carbohydrate that will keep you full. It will help with a low milk supply as well. Oats are high in iron and fiber, which after delivery many new mothers need. Avoid the prepackaged oatmeal because it is full of sugar. Be budget friendly and use the large can of quick oats, or steel cut oats for optimal health benefits.


If your baby is having trouble with milk products, this may not be a good choice, but if you have no problems, grab a yogurt. This is a great snack for breastfeeding mothers, who are always snacking! It is full of calcium, and Greek yogurt has a lot of protein. Plain yogurt (Greek) is best because of no added sugar. If you have fresh fruit to mix in and top it with agave nectar, it is a great treat!


Spinach is great for the breastfeeding mother because it has a very high calcium content. Spinach can be cooked in anything or even thrown on top of a healthy salad.

It is important beyond this list to add in healthy foods everyday. Examples are:

  • Complex carbohydrates like brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, whole grain breads
  • Proteins like eggs, fish, cheese, chicken, turkey
  • And plenty of fruits and vegetables. Beyond those, include a daily vitamin and plenty of calcium!

If you are looking to lose weight with breastfeeding, eating this way will help you lose the baby weight in a healthy way. Do not cut calories when breastfeeding, change your diet, and you will see results. Hope you will enjoy having them. Don’t forget to leave your experience by commenting here.