Carpets and your Child’s Health

Children love to play on carpets, they are soft and the really small ones can safely crawl around. Not everybody understands how to clean them properly though, or why it is so important. I am not just talking about the smell or the look of the carpet, a badly maintained carpet can have lots of germs and allergens.

Indoor environment

In an indoor environment this will enter the air we breathe, and while this can be bad news for adults, it is even worse for children since they are more sensitive.

To improve the ventilation indoors, and remove some of the allergens, you can open up the windows.

Maintain your carpet

But the most important thing is to clean your carpet properly. This is especially important if you have pets, lovely as they are they still shed hair and create bad smelling stains on the carpets.

So what is the best way to maintain the carpets and remove the grime, dust and allergens? There really is no shortcut, you need a carpet cleaner. Whether you hire one for the day, or buy one depends on how often you need to use it. If you have more than one carpet in the house, buying is often the better option. Technology has come a long way and you can now find good budget carpet cleaners for around $150. If you have pets you might want to take a look at this article to find the best carpet cleaner for pets.

DIY carpet cleaning

If you want to avoid hazardous chemicals you can make your own carpet cleaning solution. Just mix baking soda with water. You can even use just water if all you want to do is to maintain the carpet, the heat and the water will rinse out the dirt from the carpet, without chemicals.

More ways to improve indoor climate

Carpets are not the only thing in your house or apartment that gathers dust and pollutes the indoor climate. Vacuum the floors regularly, and you can even vacuum the ceiling and the walls once in a while. Also make sure that your furniture is clean, and don’t forget to sometimes open up the windows and let some fresh air flow in.

Carpet maintenance is something that many people don’t really think about. But the allergens in the air can cause problems such as eye irritation, allergies and headaches. Children are more sensitive to these problems than adults. But luckily it is a problem that is quickly fixed by a clean carpet and some fresh air!

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