How to Save money with online shopping

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There are many people who think, “Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist”. This saying became more evident with the advent of online shopping. Thank God, online shopping is so easy and secure. Moreover, it is economic too. If you have a clear idea of what you are doing on the internet, then it is quite […]

Getting Started With Extreme Couponing

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It’s nice to find a coupon for a food or toiletry item your family uses often. Just knowing that you’ll save a little when you go to the grocery store could serve as a small motivation as you do your weekly shopping. However, if you truly enjoy saving money and need to find a way […]

Saving Money on Your Groceries

how to save money on groceries

When it comes to grocery shopping buying food can take a large bite out of your paycheck. We all know that eating out is expensive, but when you go shopping every day is home cooking any cheaper? There are ways to make your meals more affordable, stretch further, and be tasty too. Here are some […]

How To: Read Match-Ups

How To: Read Match-Ups Every week I put out a list of match-ups for several stores but if you don’t know how to read these match-ups, it’s not going to do you any good. I thought I’d put together a little tutorial on how to navigate your way through to make sense of it all. […]

Buying the Right Newspaper

My house is so peaceful this morning – the kids are already outside playing. I’m sitting here with my coffee and donut. It’s something I started doing when I pick up my Sunday papers – I also pickup donuts and now my family knows to expect it. I was lucky today, I grabbed the last […]

Coupons: Staying Organized

We’ve already talked about how you organize your coupons – whether you use the binder method, a shoe box, an accordion file, etc. But if you’re not staying organized, you could be wasting not only a lot of time and energy, you’re wasting money too! In How To: Coupon, I mentioned that there are 3 […]

How To: Coupon


Couponing can be very overwhelming when you first get started. There are papers to buy, coupons to clip, coupons to print, acronyms like RP, SS, P&G and GM. What do they all mean, where do I start, how do I know where to use my coupons and when so that I get the best deal? […]

How Do You Organize Your Coupons?


I have been wanting to write this blog for several days now and just haven’t had a chance to get to it. I figured though, before we get to anymore coupons, now was the time to write it! So how do you organize your coupons? Everyone has their own way of doing it and maybe […]