Food Processors Designed to Make Life Easier and Flavorful!

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Cooks are fascinated with the versatility of food processors. They’re designed to efficiently chop, dice, shred, and mix other types of foods. A food processor is one of the greatest kitchen inventions. They’re special because they work efficiently with soft and hard substances. Quality food processors come with several attachments and cutting blades. These blades […]

The Best path to a Cleaner Kitchen

Everyone needs to clean the kitchen at some point. From how to get rid of sink smell, from how to remove stains, here are the best steps to get you motivated and make the whole task easier. Step 1: Spray the surfaces Pre spray all the top stove and counters using a multisurface spray cleaner […]

Kitchen Equipment Must-Haves

Kitchen is one of the most popular places in every house, this is a place where happens the magic that brings all the people together. This is exactly why it is so important to make this place an enjoyable and easy place to make that magic. Below we created a list of must-haves that can […]

Features of BeefEater Barbecues That Make Outdoor Entertaining a Pleasure

We all love barbecue parties are it when we are hosting one, or even more when we are invited to one! The smell of raw meat or fresh vegetables on the grill while sitting out in a sunny and warm backyard, having a casual chat with friends and sipping on lemonade feels like heaven, especially […]

Breastfeeding Power Foods

Have you been searching and searching for the best foods for your milk supply? Or have you been looking for foods that will optimize the health of you and your baby? Look no further. This article will give you a small list of big, powerful foods for breastfeeding! Oatmeal Oatmeal is a wonderful complex carbohydrate […]

Easy Rice Dish: Chicken Fried Rice

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Rice is affordable meal base for many recipes. Here is an easy meal idea using leftover rice that my children love to eat: Chicken Fried Rice –This is the perfect dish to use leftover rice for. I often make too much rice deliberately just to have enough to make this dish the next night. Especially […]

Breakfast Casserole: Take Breakfast Beyond Scrambled Eggs

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Are you tired of the same-old same-old scrambled eggs every morning?  Looking for something new to spice up your breakfast?  Would you like something more filling while still being healthy for you?  Are you looking to feed a lot of people a hearty breakfast? If you answered; “Yes!” to the any of the above questions, […]

Give Your Sink a Facelift


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Moen, Incorporated for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. When you purchase an older home, there’s always projects to be done. Sometimes updating little things can really brighten up and change things just enough to make it look new and different. Updating something like […]

You Can Cook Cajun in Your Slow Cooker!


Cajun in your slow cooker. I usually stick with tried and true traditional items when I use my slow cooker pot roast and chicken, but did you know that you can make Cajun dishes in your Crock Pot? Jambalaya, gumbo, beans and rice, and stew are all easy to cook in the slow cooker.  Why?  […]

How to Prepare the Perfect Pot of Pasta


The perfect pot of pasta When it comes to Italian cuisine, the country is divided into regions, with each region having its  own favorite ingredients and cooking methods.  Each is unique and each is authentic.  When it comes to pasta, however, there is no disagreement.  The love of pasta unites each region in the country. […]