Prepare Italian Meals Easier! Let your Slow Cooker Work for You


Let your slow cooker work for you. If you read about typical Italian meals, it might seem like it would take forever to prepare.  Well, you might be right, in some instances.  Like many cuisines, you can take as long or as short a time to prepare a meal as you like.  But, you’ll need […]

Take the Fuss Out of French Cuisine

French Cuisine

French cuisine can be a culinary masterpiece, created using techniques that require intense focus and attention to detail.  Many French dishes take lots of steps and numerous ingredients to complete, and the cook must be knowledgeable in many areas just to get one dish right.  French chefs take pride in their creations considering them much […]

Foods to Avoid Late at Night


Let’s be honest. There will always be a night when you are up late and start craving something. It could be something sweet, something salty, something fried, something filling, something spicy.  When it comes time to reach for a snack, there are reasons why we should bypass some foods before bed. Here is a list […]

Easy Late Night Snack Ideas

apple slices

Once again, it’s late and you are wide awake! Don’t you just hate that, but you are up and hungry so what do you eat? You’re thinking quick and easy is the way to go so that maybe you can head back to bed soon. You don’t want unhealthy (really, you don’t) so I have […]

Crowd Pleasing Slumber Party Snacks

Slumber Party Snacks

My kids are still a little young for slumber parties  but I went to plenty when I was younger.  I know I have fond memories growing up going to slumber parties, staying up late, playing games and chatting. I cannot wait for the kids to start having slumber parties, being able to plan games and treats. […]

Late-Night Snacks to Help You Sleep

late-night snacks

Do you ever have thoughts of food before you fall asleep? Maybe you’re waiting to fall asleep and you’re thinking about leftovers in the fridge. You are not alone in these thoughts.  Late-night cravings happen to everyone at some time or other.  Ignoring the snack attack doesn’t always work.  A trip to the kitchen is […]

Low Carbohydrate Diet Tips

Low Carb Diet Tips

If you are like most, you thought about a new diet or lifestyle change to start the new year. Quite a few people are interested in the Low Carbohydrate diets, such as Atkins and South Beach. How do you know if they are right for you and how do you make them work. Only you […]

Out of the Box Pumpkin Recipe Ideas


Pumpkin Recipe Ideas – Sweet And Savory Surprises Pumpkins are everywhere the minute summer starts to fade and fall approaches. No matter where you turn, there is a pumpkin with a candle inside of it, fields of pumpkins to be chosen, piles of pumpkins, people dressed as pumpkins, and even trash bags for your leaves […]

Kitchen Tips More from the Farmer’s Market

farmer's market 02

Breakfast From The Farmers Market – Fresh Ideas To Start Your Day If you are looking for fresh, creative breakfast ideas, you can’t do better than the local farmers market. Who knows better about how best to use what’s fresh and available than the people who grow it? You need a day’s worth of energy […]

Try Some new Fall Soups

fall soups

Fall Time Is Soup Time – Try out some new Fall Soups The start of the fall season is usually marked by that first hint of chill in the air. This makes fall the perfect time to curl up with a bowl of soup. Here are a few soups that you should try this fall […]