Wordless Wednesday 10/31 Halloween Disney Style

Halloween Disney Style    

Wordless Wednesday 10/24

Such a Magical time! Disney World Vacation 2012 Wordless Wednesday 10/24

Wordless Wednesday – Slop Swap Facebook page gets a new look

This isn’t going to be quite “wordless.” When I started Slop Swap over a year ago, I wanted a place to be able to swap recipes with friends and friends of friends. Then it kept growing and growing to offer all sorts of things. So I decided that it was maybe time to split those […]

Wordless Wednesday – Bengal Kitten

bengal kitten

Bengal Kitten I pinned this one to my “Awwww..” board on pinterest!

Wordless Wednesday – Grandma

I know this is supposed to be “Wordless” hence the title Wordless Wednesday but I just have to have a few words on this one. This is my 98 year old Grandmother. She’s still as beautiful as ever and an inspiration to us all. ♥