Changing The Way We Introduce Our Kids To Finances

If you are wondering if you are alone in the financial tutelage debate you can rest assured you are not. recommends introducing children to money as early as two with the type of knowledge developing a little bit each year. By the tender age of six, you should have them use their allowance to open a checking account and explain interest and investment a little later.

Argument: My son is two.
If that seems like a bit much there are over 43 million other hits on Google that will give you their version. Forbes, in an article about teaching finances to children of any age, states that you can begin teaching as early as the toddler years. Any mother who has ever rushed to get a coin out of the grasp of their toddler so that it does not go into any orifice can attest to that being a great plan.

debt dragons dilemma

Question: Well then how DO I start?
What do entrepreneurs typically say? “There has to be a better way”. Let your toddler learn to eat make-believe pancakes and call you out for taking a pretend bite of his food while it is still cute and start with a story. Engage his interest in the phone or tablet that you have put away hastily to keep it out of his grubby, but adorable, fingers. The words may not hit at first but INSYL has a book with eye-catching graphics to engage kids of all ages.
By the time you reach the toddler years your child likely has a favorite book. It is a bedtime book, bath time book, road book, and an “If I ask her to read this I can stay up longer” book. It is 2017 so realistically it is probably an eBook.

For more information on how to start your child on the path to fiscal responsibility visit and join the Kickstarter campaign