Changing Your Family’s Diet

Today people have access to more nutritional information than at any time in human history. Yet, despite all our increased access to nutritional information, we are still experiencing epidemics in diabetes, obesity, and heart disease unlike at any time prior to our modern age. These conditions are creating more health complications and even more deaths than alcoholism and drug addictions, which continue to produce a major burden on the health care system.

As a result of this state of affairs, health care costs are rising in step with these epidemics, leading to a situation where there simply will not be enough money to go around in our system to begin to handle these epidemics. Until food manufacturing companies are held accountable for the mess they have created with our modern diets, it is up to individual families to figure out how to change their diets to avoid being victims of these ongoing epidemics, which are by all accounts completely preventable.

Reducing Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

If you intend to get your family’s diet on the right track, then the first place to begin is in the area of reducing sugar and artificial sweeteners from their diet. Sugar and artificial sweeteners are most commonly found in soft drinks like soda. Soda, which is now becoming one of the leading causes of why teenagers develop nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, is also one of the primary sources of empty calories in most modern diets. Even diet soda, which uses artificial sweeteners, tends to trick the body into wanting to eat more, thus eliminating any weight reduction benefit you may hope to get from buying into the notion that diet soda is better for you.

More and more news reports keep coming out exposing that diet soda really is not better for you or your family. Simply switching your family from soda to drinking water is all it takes to eliminate not only thousands of excess empty calories from their diet, but the reduction in sugar will also help them to avoid the dangers of developing diabetes down the road.

Many doctors are beginning to realize that reducing levels of sugar to a minimum and increasing levels of saturated fats in the diet is a far better way to sustain a healthy diet. Saturated fats burn slower, making them a better energy source than sugar. Plus, when you eat a healthy amount of saturated fats, many of the food cravings go away, allowing your family to sustain longer between meals without getting so hungry, which helps to reduce belly fat over time.

Getting Off Bread and Pasta

Another source of a lot of excess weight helping to fuel the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease is our modern obsession with bread and pasta. Modern wheat is not the same plant people consumed centuries ago. It has been hybridized and genetically engineered to become more dangerous today to our health than ever before.

A protein called gliadin found in modern wheat is responsible for why wheat so quickly packs on the pounds, so much so that when people go off of wheat they often experience huge reductions in weight over a short period of time. This reduction in weight, associated with eliminating bread and pasta from our diets, in turn reduces the tendency to overeat and also reduces the risks associated with obesity, type two diabetes, and heart disease, making it possible for your family to avoid the dangers of these modern epidemics.

Apart from the diet, other health and lifestyle conditions should also be adjusted to maintain a happy family. If one of you is suffering from drug addiction, you can get help from the top ranking drug rehab centers that you can find online. Alcoholism also needs to be dealt with professionally. Seeking help will be a good way to keep your family strong and safe.