Choosing Baby’s First Blankets: How to Select the Perfect Blankie

In terms of essentials, baby blankets are pretty fundamental. How do you work out what types to get and what to choose? There is just so much choice and it can be a minefield, so here are a few tips. Think about the temperature when the baby will be using it. Midwives suggest that babies should only wear one layer more than their mom to avoid overheating, so this may well be their blanket. If it is a warm place then look to light blankets and fabrics, if cool then look to thicker blankets and fabrics. Bamboo, thinner cotton and muslin blankets would help keep baby cool in warmer places and on sunny days. Chenille, velour, wool, flannel and thick cotton would all count as two layers but are lovely and snug for cool places, cooler seasons or nights.

How to Choose Baby’s First Blanket :

There are also different types of blankets that you might want to think about. Receiving blankets are typically used from day one, which are reasonably plain in shape and size but have a spectacular range of uses. There are swaddling blankets which can be used safely for the first couple of months and can calm unhappy babies. There are crib, cot and stroller blankets used for those specific purposes and which are sized accordingly. There are also security blankets which tend to be a small square which can be carried and gives a baby and later toddler, some security. It may be that you will need a combination of these for different purposes, weathers or seasons over time.

The color is the easy bit. You’ll see something you like and whether that is bold prints or plain pastels, there will be something right for baby. To make that special blankie extra special, there is nothing better you can do than to get it personalized with the baby’s name and perhaps a cute picture. This will ensure it is cherished for all of time and no doubt for generations to come. Find all of these and more at

Hope this article will help you to select healthy and perfect baby blanket that your little baby will definitely enjoy. If you still have any question or query you should contact us by commenting here. You can also check below related articles.