Christening Gifts for Babies

A Christening gift is a very important occasions and the gift that you buy to celebrate this momentous day, should be suitable and something that can be treasured as a keepsake. Below are some great ideas for giving gift to baby.

If you haven’t bought a Christening gift before or if you are looking for something that is special and suitable, there are a whole array of wonderful gifts which will suit the occasion.

Top Christening Gifts for Babies

From delightful photo frames in silver, and colourful frames in cute designs, this is the perfect gift for parents to keep a photo of the happy occasion.

Silver money boxes or even cute pig money boxes, are a lovely keepsake and and can easily be engraved with the babies name to make the gift more personable and extra special.

Special wooden money boxes and keepsake boxes are particularly beautiful and traditional and they are easy to personalize. However other wooden toys such as little train sets are also long lasting, particularly hand crafted ones.

Baby Christening necklaces are very popular with girls and one with the babies name spelled out on the chain is particularly special. There are some gorgeous bracelets to be found too.

One particularly unique gift are hand and feet printing sets. This enables parents to capture their little ones hands and feet which can then be put into a lovely frame, ensuring that it becomes a long lasting treasured memory.

Photo album’s which are made for babies first special moments are another fantastic gift which will ensure the lasting memory of special moments.

Little shoes for little feet are incredibly cute and you can make them even more personable by spelling their name out and buying a special box for them.