Clickable – The All-In-One Social Media Marketing Software

Industry-leading Clickable helps agencies and brands measure their marketing ROI by connecting disparate services into one platform. The extensible dashboard incorporates publishing, ad buying, and moderation workflow management. The product connects to your data source, and visualizes data in almost any layout meeting the needs of companies between Fortune 50 customers to mid-market agencies.


The Clickable solution is sold with the use of a managed ad operations from search, social and banner ads services. Clickable, headquartered in San Francisco, California can be a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of LookSmart. The platform currently is included with hundreds of built-in data integration and growing.

Clickable integrates, filters, visualizes from social websites, ad tech, marketing, sales, analytics, excel files, Google spreadsheet data sources right into a customizable business intelligence dashboard that may also publish, moderate, and bid real-time ads on social, search, display and also other ad networks.

Below include the Benefits of using Clickable

  • Connect to the data source and pull important computer data into the platform
  • Organize data dynamically by groups and hierarchies
  • Moderate comments and feedback on your social network channels
  • Monetize your articles with advertising feed
  • Automate delivery of internet data sources and files
  • No more manual errors from copying and pasting
  • Monitor Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages along with reviews coming from all your franchises area with no delays.
  • And much more..