Different Ways on How to Dress Up Your Ceiling

One neglected part of the home is the ceiling. A plain ceiling is surely unnoticeable. Once you dress it up, you will be amazed at the difference that it can make. A lot of homeowners will soon realize that this overhead space can really be a stylish focal point.

ceiling ideas for dress it up

You can easily say goodbye to plain ceilings and say hello to stylish ones with some simple tips and tricks. Changing the look of your ceilings can be done easily. This is due to the wide array of options that home owners have.

Best Ceiling Ideas :-

Add a fresh coat of new paint color.
When you take a look at most ceilings, you will notice that they usually use the same color in painting it– white. The best and most cost effective way to spruce up your ceiling is by changing the color of your ceiling. You can use the paint color of your walls or you can opt for any color in your decorating color scheme. If you wish to make it a lot more stylish and attention catching, you can easily opt for a stenciled pattern. This will surely add an amazing style to your home.

Put wallpaper.
For your information, the decorating power of this material will not just work for your walls. It can be used for your ceiling too! In fact, you can now find different wall paper especially designed to spruce up the ceilings. You can opt for a pattern that will complement your existing d├ęcor or you can just simply choose a textured pattern that will boost the appeal of your home.

Go for the textured design.
Popcorn and stucco look were the most popular design patterns before. Although it is not that popular anymore, you can still use this as a way to spice up the look of your ceiling.

Wood is also a nice idea. This material is more than just for the floor. In fact, you can find many houses with wooden ceilings nowadays. When this is employed in a smaller space, a wooden ceiling can resemble that of cottages. On the other hand, having a wooden ceiling on a larger space will add a touch of sophisticated elegance that will surely wow your guests.

Pressed metal panels
This ceiling design was quite popular during the Victorian era. Now, this ceiling design is making a big comeback. Make your ceiling a lot more stylish with the use of fun and decorative metal ceiling accessories. You can opt for tin, which is the most popular material used or you can try other metals such as aluminum, chrome and copper.

It is really tempting to go DIY with projects like this. However, spicing up your ceiling is quite complicated and dangerous as well. It is highly recommended that you call in a professional, like www.ritzdesignbuild.com, to do the job for you!