Displaying Fine Spirits At Home

The interior of a home can be enhanced with a display of premium liquor bottles. A collection of vintage wine adds some sophistication and elegance into any contemporary or traditional living space. According to this infographic, red and white wine should ideally be stored at different temperatures. Therefore, it’s a good idea to shop around for some stylish wine coolers, cellars, racks and cabinets that could be easily integrated into a living room, dining room or basement bar. Liquor cabinets are typically made of wood that matches the texture and character of the bottles.

For example, the dark red color of Bordeaux wine combines well with cabinets that have rich mahogany finishes. Featuring tempered glass and raised panels on the bottom and a solid surface on top, a wine credenza is a versatile unit that could be the centerpiece of a spacious kitchen. Similarly, high quality French Cognac and Champagne bottles should also be stored in attractive wooden cabinets that seamlessly blend in with other furniture pieces.

Antique Furniture

Buying authentic antique furniture pieces may not be realistic because of high costs, quality issues and low supply. Additionally, aged furniture could have toxic paint (e.g. lead) and deteriorating wood that could easily splinter. Antique shops usually have restored furniture that may be decades or centuries old. Vintage style pieces in such shops have new coatings of durable paint and polished surfaces that don’t pose any hazards when placed inside a home. Original upholstery of aged antique furniture is also replaced with premium fabric and silk.

TheVictorian style is one of the most popular designs for antique furniture that is integrated into traditional interior spaces. Curvature defines the shape of arm chairs, backs and legs that are made in this style that’s inspired by Queen Victoria of England. Intricate details such as ball-and-claw legs and mushroom-shaped glass knobs on drawers define the beauty of Old World furniture from various British royal designs. Homes that have colonial architecture might be best furnished with pieces that have American Federal or Empire styles.

Complimentary Decor

The interior design of a home could be easily enhanced with small decorative items that are quite affordable and widely available. Some of the world’s best masterpieces could be brought into a home with printed replica artwork. For example, a traditional space that has Victorian furniture could be complemented with posters of English Landscape paintings that dominated the British art scene for several centuries.

Similarly, a complete English tea set that’s made of ceramic blends in well with an Old World interior design that’s inspired by British Empire themes. Wall mounted lanterns and candleholders also reinforce an Old World theme inside a home. Instead of buying an expensive grandfather clock for a traditional setting, it’s much more affordable to purchase a battery operated clock that has roman numerals and metallic dials with intricate patterns. A wall mirror with an ornate wooden or gilded frame also adds plenty of traditional style into a room.