Dolce Gusto CIRCOLO Coffee Maker Review

The CIRCOLO coffee machine by Dolce Gusto is considered a perfect fit for events, functions or just your everyday coffee maker. This article discusses both the benefits as well as technical issues the model presents.

coffee maker review

At first glance, the CIRCOLO machine doesn’t look like other coffee makers. The round capsule shaped body, the adjustable scroll wheel, stainless steel grid, and you can’t miss the built in LED light; the CIRCOLO has that modern and contemporary appeal.

Priced at $179.99, it is more expensive than rest of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto models but as the saying, ‘You get what you paid for” the CIRCOLO’s is sure to make a big impression wherever you take it.

For the payload, the CIRCOLO comes with removable water tank that holds up to 44 fl.oz. of water. It depends on how much water you want use per serving but 44 fl.oz. will get you about 5 to 6 cups from a full tank.

One of the most talked about features of the CIRCOLO is its brewing power. It comes with 15 bars of pressure, which is much greater than most other single serve coffee machines on the market.  What does 15 bars of pressure means for you? Fifteen bars of pressure means a frothy delicious coffee house drinks for you and all your guests, in less than a minute. Is like bringing a barista home.

Don’t like brewing your coffeehouse drinks manually? Not a problem when you have the CIRCOLO.  The CIRCOLO comes as smart as you can imagine. By using thermo block heat process, it will heat up and control the temperature automatically. You can make your favorite iced cappuccino or mocha.

Other benefits:

  • Leakage proof
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Energy saving
  • 2 years warranty.

Technical issues:

Without a doubt, the award winning design of CIRCOLO makes it very enticing to purchase but according to online consumer reviews, there are some functionality challenges that comes with the model.

For example,

Online Review: “CIRCOLO, someone has to guess the water level with capsule. It should be more auto than the earlier versions of coffee machines.” – Anonymous

Online Review: “Since the temperature control is standard, getting a hotter coffee is impossible.” – Anonymous

Online Review: “It is also not compatible with other capsules and cups.” – Anonymous

Price Recap:

Price of the Dolce Gusto CIRCOLO coffee machine is $179.99, if you buy from its official website. If you are not a U.S resident, you will not be able to purchase from the Dolce Gusto US online retail site.

Best place to buy:

Online retail giants such as Amazon, Bed Bath And Beyond, and Sears all carry Dolce Gusto machines but if you want the best saving, I’d suggest visiting the Nescafe Dolce Gusto online store and take advantage of their latest discount offers.