Easy Rice Dish: Chicken Fried Rice

Rice is affordable meal base for many recipes. Here is an easy meal idea using leftover rice that my children love to eat:

chicken rice reipe

Chicken Fried Rice –This is the perfect dish to use leftover rice for. I often make too much rice deliberately just to have enough to make this dish the next night. Especially after a baked chicken and rice meal where there are plenty of leftovers. I am not certain if fried rice actually came from the Chinese but wherever it came from I am just sure they had too much rice and some type of meat left over. You can use pork as well. This one is going to be an approximately recipe because I generally throw it together without measuring.

2 or 3 cups of cold rice or whatever you have on hand
Approximately a tablespoon of vegetable oil
1 or 2 cups of chopped up leftover chicken (or I have used canned chicken too because this is a favorite of one of the boys)
About a half of cup of frozen (cooked) green peas or peas and carrots
4 or more green onions chopped
2 to 4 eggs
Soy sauce to taste.

Using a large skillet or wok add oil to bottom and swirl it around to cover, you can use more if you see it is not going to cover well. Add the cold rice and green      onions and keep turning until the rice browns a bit. You do not really want to see it turn real brown, just to crisp it up a bit, but you have to keep stirring. Add the chicken so it can start warming up while you push back the rice to the sides of the skillet to make a hole in the middle. Crack your eggs in the hole and stir like you are scrambling them and when they start to gets some nice chunks of egg you can start pulling the rice back in and mix together. You want to add the cooked peas last because they will mash up if not. Then add soy sauce to taste.

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