Everything you need to know about Geman Fashion Blogger

Through our best-seller marketing research on The Influence Of Fashion Bloggers, we brought forward an important aspects on Blogging from the Fashion industry – from brand-blogger collaboration case-studies to your best bloggers country-by-country and social impact, on the different category bloggers in addition to their usage inside the Fashion industry, for the best Tips and Tricks for your brands to cart a successful collaboration.

It’s no secret there’s lots said about fashion blog Germany on the whole, and there’s no shortage of criticisms and/or critiques of fashion bloggers specifically. We sometimes receive the worst than it, because we show our faces, the body, and that we talk about fashion & shopping – considered by many being shallow pursuits.

This time, as demanded also on the best with the key players from the market, we made a decision to push concentrate on the most influential and upcoming bloggers prevailing inside the next important Fashion destinations, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Here below is seen more at length which are the top 10s in most of the three countries, their collaboration histories and also the reason-why behind their huge impact inside the industry.

fashion blogs in german

And because media are wont to perform, “fashion bloggers” usually are lumped together jointly entity – moving to be a single blob along the Internet, seizing Instagram and Pinterest. Sadly, many on the fashion bloggers under consideration DO look quite similar and post exactly the same things at a similar times (because they’re all working on a similar designer collaboration), but there are several more of us on the market who are different.

German speaking countries often achieve less attention within the fashion scene. This, however, must be strongly reconsidered, particularly when talking about the net sector. People originating from those Nordic countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland are one in the top web users worldwide. Even if 62% coming from all websites are designed in English, accompanied by Russian with 7%, German may be the third most used language for websites representing 5%. Moreover only 4% in the websites come in Chinese, overall. The rest with the 22% are split across all of those other existing languages. In fact, fashion blogs received from German speaking countries are one of the main online influencers for fashion brands.

Not all fashion bloggers are walking billboards for whatever brand we’re working together with today, however, some of us are. Or at least appear for being. Fashion bloggers don’t all are now living in NYC or SLC. We don’t all stage our outfit posts, hiding a couple of sneakers or UGGs within the bushes to exchange the stilettos we’re shooting our outfit in. And not all individuals have professional photographer friends/husbands/significant individuals that can take our photos, nor are most people models, as well as fancy ourselves models.