Features of BeefEater Barbecues That Make Outdoor Entertaining a Pleasure

We all love barbecue parties are it when we are hosting one, or even more when we are invited to one! :) The smell of raw meat or fresh vegetables on the grill while sitting out in a sunny and warm backyard, having a casual chat with friends and sipping on lemonade feels like heaven, especially if you are a barbecue lover. Whether you are looking to place a barby in your backyard just for the pride of it, or to sizzle up some steak and sausages every Sunday, you are going to have to do a lot of research before you find the right one.

There are a few aspects that you’ll have to look into based on your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Most barbecues have a range of features that are designed to bring out the best in your cooking skills. Let’s look at a few features in BeefEater barbecues that can make your barbecuing experience a fun.

What makes BeefEater barbecues a special?

Firstly, BeefEater barbecues are exclusively barbecues and not only a grill. They are totally modular and built in a way to suit all your cooking needs. S-3000E and Signature S-3000S barbecue models are designed and built for outdoor cooking areas and can also be turned into permanent outdoor barbecues. BeefEater barbecues are built tough like most premium kitchen appliances and you’ll be able to see the difference when you compare them with other barbecues you’ve already used. I have seen a few barbecues at my friends’ places and most of them look pretty fine. However, I often find the appliance being treated like a white elephant to keep it looking brand new! ;)

BeefEater was awarded the NSW Premier Exporter of the Year award in the year 1999. Following this, the company was presented with several other awards as well. I got to hear that the company BeefEater was selected during Sydney 2000 Olympics by the government of New South Wales and asked to be a part of the Australian Technology Showcase while introducing Australian innovation and technology to the world.

Features of BeefEater Barbecues:

  • BeefEater barbecues are rust-free. This gives your appliance a longer life and makes it easier to clean as well.
  • The ignition system works on ‘Quart Start Ignition Technology’ that comes with gas control, making it easy to start.
  • The materials used while building the barbecues are solid and are usually the kind that is used in commercial quality construction. The materials are usually porcelain enamel and stainless steel, which give the appliance a good look and make it very easy to maintain.
  • The heat output is pretty good I should say; I use it for instantaneous searing of my meat products.
  • The barbecues come backed up with vaporising systems that make them completely secure, reducing flare-ups.
  • The hardest part of barbecuing is cleaning your appliance. However, I have no worries when it comes to removing grease as the appliance comes with a grease management and removal system which makes things easy.
  • To top it off, the appliance comes with a warranty, so you can make sure you are walking out of the store with a top-notch product.

Take pleasure in inviting your friends over for the weekend, while you serve them those delicious beef burgers taken from smoking hot grill. Barbecuing is supposed to be fun, so enjoy the experience with a barbecue that provides you with the best security.

About the Author:

Nick Creelman is the Marketing Manager and Director at Appliance Warehouse, an Australian based company. Appliance Warehouse is an online electrical retailer, who stocks everything from white-goods to consumer electronics. Nick has a broad experience in marketing, distribution and retail over the Home Appliance Industry. Get in touch with Appliance Warehouse through Facebook!