Finding Ceiling Fans Designed for Your Kid’s Room

Kids Don’t Want Elegant Ceiling Fans

When decorating your young child’s bedroom you usually wouldn’t choose to go with sophisticated furniture, grown up artwork or paint colors, or table lamps designed for an adults bedroom. So, when choosing a ceiling fan for your child’s room, why would you decide upon anything other than a ceiling fan themed for kids’ rooms?

ceiling fans theme for kids

It’s Not Impossible to Find Kid Friendly Designs

Did you know great name brand manufacturers offer ceiling fans styled to fit in no other room except for a child’s bedroom or a play area? Below are examples of the best kids ceiling fans available.

One brand name that offers specialized ceiling fans for kids is Craftmade. The company has four different airplane ceiling fans. They are found under the company’s WarPlanes collection, and they are based on famous fighter planes from the first and second World Wars. There are two 42 inch sized models, the Black Sheep, and the Sopwith Camel ceiling fans. Then, if you need something slightly larger, the company has two 48” fighter plane ceiling fans – the ever popular Tiger Shark, and the colorful Glamorous Glen. Whichever one of these four you like best, it will be sure to put a smile on your little one’s face each time he enters his room.

Hunter ceiling fan company also makes an airplane model ceiling fan. They call it Fantasy Flyer, and it comes with decals that adhere to the ceiling, giving it the illusion an entire plane is nosediving down into the room. This one is really a sight to see.

Let’s not leave out the little ladies. What better way than to dream of fairies, princesses, and have tea parties than with keeping cool under the Craftmade Bloom ceiling fan. This 52″ ceiling fan combines ten varying sized blades, each curved to form the shape of a flower petal. When all blades are installed, the fan takes on the shape of a beautiful flower. It is available in four different color combinations to make sure there is a model to match the room your little princess calls home.

pink room ceiling fan

There are more simple ceiling fans themed for childrens’ rooms also. Some use simple elements like white motor housings with pink with white polka dotted blades for the girls, and a model with light blue blades and a cloud stencil pattern for the boys. Some having cute teddy bear designed pull chain finials.

For Teens Too

If your child has grown into their teenage years aleady, modern ceiling fan designs are extremely popular ceiling fans for teens. Brushed nickel, as well as white are always safe bets for a teenager’s room. However, if you are decorating in a color specific theme, there are modern red ceiling fans, black, and even models with clear, and multi-color blades available.

Sports Ceiling Fans

Surprisingly, sports themed fans are somewhat limited, but there are still a few options. One great option, if you have a future basketball star in the family, is the Craftmade ProStar model. This is undoubtedly the perfect basketball ceiling fan. It utilizes a round motor housing that looks exactly like a basketball going throw the rim, literally! Yes, there is a rim installed just below the blades with an attached net. This fan blades look like the hardwood on the court, and the canopy, where it all attaches to the ceiling is an illuminated score clock. This fan is a must have for any child that loves the sport of basketball.

In Conclusion

You do not have to settle for the same fans in kids’ rooms that you would put in every other room of your home. Have fun when picking a ceiling fan for your child’s room, and allow him/her to help you decide which ceiling fan he or she likes best.

Pick out your kids ceiling fan before you even begin decorating the room, and then decorate around the fan. When finished, your child will be proud to call their newly designed bedroom their home.