Free Website Coding Courses For Kids

We were recently approached by a training company to talk about a pretty cool program they are offering this year. We’re all heard that need to get our kids into technology skills at young ages, and this program is designed to help fill that need.

The company acknowledges that they’ve already helped over 2,000 homeschooled students learn some web development skills in 2014. And now they’re expanding the offer to any high school or college student who has the interested and motivation to learn some website cod and prepare them for future jobs.

Stated in their message: “our 2015 goal is simple: see how many kids we can get coding by the end of the year!”

If any readers out there have kids interested in getting their kids signed up, here are the details to get going:

  1. Go to our Self-paced Courses page.
  2. Browse through the courses.
  3. Click the Order Now button next to the course.
  4. Enter CODE4KIDS for the Coupon Code and click Validate Coupon.
  5. Complete the registration. Students will need to verify that they are a student over the age of 13.
  6. For any registration questions, simply email:

Both us, and the training company, are both hopeful that our courses will help kids develop much needed skills in the workplace.  Plus, a lot of this stuff is just fun to learn!

Get your kids coding today!