Get a Divorce Without a Lawyer? Yes!

Divorce isn’t easy … both emotionally and financially; however, sometimes it’s inevitable. The costs of a divorce can sometimes go up from hundreds to thousands of dollars, especially if you’re contesting in court. A better and much, much cheaper option is to get divorce services online.

Why Handle My Own Divorce?


Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to pay a lawyer to manage the legalities of your divorce.  Online divorce websites help you navigate through the divorce process from the privacy of your home. They also give you the flexibility to operate at your own pace. If you have some financial or other concerns, you can take as much time as you need to work through your assets and financial statements to find a win-win for both parties. This won’t be possible when you’re working with a lawyer, as not only will you have to make time for appointments, you’ll be paying the lawyer by the hour … so you might have to make some quick decisions. Your costs can really add up. As you can hopefully see now, by using an online divorce service, you can save a ton of money!

Find an Online Company that Specializes in Your State


Since you’ve decided to proceed with an online divorce, you should ensure that the company you’re trusting your case with is a reliable one, and that it’s well versed in the divorce laws of your state. I don’t recommend opting for a nation-wide online divorce service because different states have different divorce laws.  Using an online service that claims to cater all states will likely mean they aren’t particularly proficient in any one state ;)  It’s far better to use a service that specializes in your state.

Texas Two Step Divorce


For example, if you’re filing for a divorce in Texas, Texas Two Step Divorce is an excellent website for you to consider. Not only do they provide a 100% guarantee that their forms won’t be rejected by any of the divorce courts in all of the 254 Texas counties, they’ve got a highly transparent pricing model. They charge you a flat fee of $149 (plus sales tax) for a completely customized divorce kit.  This kit provides you with all the forms that you need and easy step-by-step instructions. That’s a highly competitive price; hiring a lawyer would cost you double that much … every hour!

While they only cater to clients filing for an uncontested online divorce, the feedback they’ve been receiving is outstanding.

All you need to do is answer a few simple questions regarding your divorce terms, and then they’ll prepare personalized divorce forms for you based on your choices. Just print those, sign them and file them in court.

Their two step process simplifies the whole stressful situation significantly for you. You can print out the divorce kit in either PDF or Word format. The documents come with instructions about everything, including the filing process. They tell you exactly how, when, and where you need to file your divorce forms. Once you file the customized divorce papers prepared for you, and obtain the divorce decree … viola you’re ready for a new start!