Giving Birth in a La Bassine Birthing pool

I’m a Mum. Most of my friends are Mums. And we pretty much all have one thing in common. We agree that giving birth to our child wasn’t what we expected, that it didn’t go the way we wanted it to, and – pretty universally, we wish we could do it differently. Oh, we’d all done the NCT classes, practiced our breathing techniques, sat on our birthing balls whilst watching Eastenders and all dreamed of a perfect, natural childbirth. We’d lay gently in our birthing pool, whilst attentive midwives monitored us and our kindly husbands fussed around us and our babies made their way into the world in their own time. Sadly, the reality is often quite different. The medical professionals know better, instinct means nothing in the face of ten years at medical school, and Mums are faced with c-sections, epidurals and forceps deliveries, and are treated with disrespect and compassion at the most vulnerable time of their lives.

La Bassine Birthing pool :-

However, things are now starting to change. And not just because the NHS is so short of midwives that you’ll be lucky to see one for most of your labor either, no, both women and the medical profession are beginning to realize that there should be a better balance between the high expectations of modern healthcare and the need to respect the instincts of a woman in labour. As Jane Weidemen so wisely said, giving birth should be a woman’s greatest achievement, not her greatest fear.

la bassine birthing pool

One of the most popular ways to experience a natural childbirth is to use a birthing pool and, if you are thinking about this and intend to have your baby in an NHS hospital, your first step would be to talk to your midwife at one of your antenatal appointments. She will be able to tell you if the hospital has a birthing pool for you to use. However, you need to understand that there is no guarantee that the hospital birth pool will be available for you to use when you need it, many hospitals only have one pool and it may be being used by another mum-to-be. Your midwife will also be able to assess your medical history and decide whether it would be safe for you to use a birthing pool. If you’ve had a straightforward pregnancy, you are only expecting one baby and your blood pressure is normal then you may be able to use the pool.

If you want a water birth at home, you can hire or buy a birthing pool, but you really do need to take into account how much space you have in your home as they can be quite large. There are also issues surrounding the filled weight of the pool – is the floor strong enough to take the weight? Some thought needs to be given to filling and emptying the pool as well, and who is going to keep the water topped up and warm.

However your baby comes into the world, in a birthing pool or not, I can only wish you the very best of experiences.