Gluten Free Diet Getting Started Series Part 2

Guest Post: Gluten Free Diet Getting Started Series Part 2

As a reader, you may have seen that my husband and I decided to start my 13 year old son on a gluten free diet. If you missed it, here’s Part 1. It’s been almost two weeks so I felt an update was required. He’s actually done better than we could have hoped! We took him off his ADHD meds, then after a week, began to integrate the gluten free diet. He’s much calmer and more focused than he was after we stopped the meds. He had a few grumpy days early on but we kept it up as even those days were better than when his med weren’t working. As I mentioned before, he would do okay on his meds until he went through a growth spurt. That’s when things would get hairy. He would be highly agitated, easy to anger and just plan hard to be around. I will say that I do not believe just taking him off the meds were enough. Since we gave THAT an entire week, we could tell it was an improvement but wasn’t enough, although choosing yet another medication wasn’t an option either. He was done with them and I don’t blame him.

With this new way of eating, we decided to go after the parts of his diet with the most gluten in them. Pasta, cereal and bread. After I got past my sticker shock, I bought several staples to make a “go to flour”.  From what I learned, this is what you will use when baking your own baked goods such as bread and cookies.

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  1. Bethany says:

    Changing to a Gluten free diet is daunting at first, especially for kids that are so used to pasta, bread, etc. My son (who is gluten free for allergy reasons) literally went through detox I think. He was super grumpy. We have found great options for him that are affordable (in the gf world). If you have a Trader Joe’s their brown rice pasta is great and not expensive. Also, making from scratch is cheaper like you said. I like to make muffins, pancakes, waffles, in large batches to freeze. We pull these out for snacks and breakfast. Good luck!!

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