How Frugality Alters Your Destiny

No matter what your job actually may be, one thing everyone can agree upon is that you work hard for your money, and there is always a need for more.  Many people acknowledge this problem and choose to focus on something they cannot directly control: increasing their income.  Few people look at the variable they can control: how much money they are spending, and how to reduce this number.  An easy way to cut back on how much money you spend is by living frugally.  However, an often overlooked or unknown benefit to living frugally is that it actually can completely change your life.  The most significant benefit to living frugally is not the immediate savings you receive, but it is the chain reaction frugality ignites that leads to increased happiness, confidence, social and job success, and ultimately an ever-increasing amount of money in your bank account—for the rest of your life.

When you invest time looking for the best deal (either by shopping around or using coupons) and you finally make your purchase, you KNOW you’ve gotten the best deal that could have been had.  That knowledge inspires a certain feeling of exhilaration followed by pride.  This exhilaration and pride stems from the fact that in this world, life often throws you unanticipated blows that knock you down, and so many circumstances are out of your control.  When you know you’ve gotten the best deal you feel like you’re fighting back.  You’re being responsible for your own life, by saving money and making sure you’re making the best decisions for yourself.  Living frugally is great because it not only immediately saves you money, but it inspires an attitude change that leads to an overall better life.  It not only inspires an exhilarating sense of pride and responsibility, but also immediately instills a sense of confidence.  You feel smarter knowing you got the best deal, that nobody outsmarted you.  It makes you feel like you know something that others don’t; that you outsmarted “The Man,” i.e. the Manufacturer.  It makes you feel smarter which inspires confidence, which then spills over into the other aspects of your life: family, social circle, and work.

Being confident means being happy and fearless: both qualities of successful people.  These new qualities will make you a better example to your family, make you a better friend, and most importantly, make you more successful at work.  In being more successful at work, you will inevitably increase your rapport and value as an asset within that company, which will inevitably lead to an income increase. You can use coupons from sites like, retailmenot, bradsdeals etc. to save.

Frugality starts with an immediate reward: saving money on the spot.  However, what’s more important is that it is also the start of a chain reaction that leads to more money for you in the long run, by changing your attitude in life and resulting in an increased income.  In effect, you are generating more money AND reducing the amount you spend; so you are saving money two-fold.  Aside from the appeal of increasing your income while simultaneously saving money, in living frugally you will have become a more happy, confident, and valued human being by living life with the attitude that living frugally inspires.