How to apply perfume / cologne to last all day

Do you know that perfect feeling when you put your favorite perfume on you and you feel like you are at the top of the world? We all know that feeling, I am sure and we would love if it could last forever, so we can literally apply that perfect perfume on  ourselves when we are awake, no matter what we are doing. I have to take children to school? Let me put my perfume. I have to take out the trash? Let me put my perfume.  We would bath in it if only we could.

The only problem with perfect perfume, or best cologne for men, quality fragrance is quality fragrance no matter the name of it, is that it lasts too short. But, lucky us, there are few details we can reconsider doing while applying perfume to make it last longer.

You can apply it anywhere.  Don’t be modest and apply it only on your neck, your elbows, knees, behind your ear, those are great spaces for your perfume. Great thing is to apply it on you pulse area, where you can feel your pulse, like on your wrist. Your heartbeat will release perfume when you have already forgot about it and make you feel great again.

How to use perfume to last long?

You can also make a little routine, first thing in the morning, if you are that type of person, shower and after shower apply the perfume. But, apply it on your body, not on your clothes. Perfume is for you, not your wardrobe. So when you have put your perfume, just sit down and relax one minute, feel the perfume and let your skin sink it in. It will last longer. The same thing you can do if you like to shower in the evening, you can put it before bed and also in the morning.

Last, but not least, don’t rub your perfume. When you rub it, it will lose its strength and it won’t blend with your skin. Let it skin in and react with your skin for better and longer results.  Just remember, that perfume reacts with oil in your skin, so if you rub it, it won’t be able to attach to the oil and it will last shorter than before.  If you have dry skin, moisturize it first with some lotion and them apply the perfume. Lotion will motivate your skin to produce oil and you will have strong and long-lasting perfume on you all day.

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