How to Become an Influencer on Linkedin

The Truth about Linkedin

Although the term “influencer” is typically associated with social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, it also applies to Linkedin, which is hailed as the largest social networking services for employers, and those seeking employment. In fact, a reported 70% of employers utilize Linkedin when seeking qualified job applicants, and recently, Onstride created a handy guide to mastering Linkedin.

The Linkedin influencer program is by invitation only and is currently comprised of several well-known business leaders like Mary Barra, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates.

Those who are in the program, are given the opportunity to fully engage with Linkedin members by contributing content that encourages dialogue, while also being a great source of information for business professionals. Additionally, Linkedin influences are able to make recommendations that could potentially benefit the employment community and job seekers alike.

Whether you’re an employer, or someone curious about job prospects, Linkedin is critical when it comes to being noticed in today’s job market. Unlike other social media platforms, Linkedin is aimed at business professionals that are interested in leveraging the website to network, recruit, and create brand awareness. For job seekers, Linkedin offers an array of opportunities that are exclusive to Linkedin. Additionally, Linkedin allows users to give and receive endorsements from other professionals, which can add credence to an already impressive resume.

If you’re on the employer side of Linkedin, there are several ways to leverage the power of the social networking platform to drive business and create a buzz around your brand. By using Linkedin, you can market your business through the site’s company page, which will enable you to better target your audience. In addition, you can add backlinks on the company page, which can drive traffic back to your own website; furthermore, Linkedin company pages allow you to directly contact job candidates that may be a good fit for your business.

Of course, being a Linkedin influencer is a great way to voice your opinions and ideas, but even if you haven’t been extended an invite, you can still enjoy the benefits associated with being a member of the social networking platform.

How to be a linkedin power user

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