How to Choose a Janitorial Cleaning Service

Step 1: Ask yourself what you need.

Before you can begin your search, you need to make sure you know what specific services you will actually need from a janitorial cleaning service. Does your business have hardwood, carpet, and/or tile? What kinds of rooms do you need cleaned? Do you require “green” cleaning products? Take a few days to compile a list of all rooms and areas to be cleaned, as well as the materials (carpet, wood, concrete, etc.) of the floors and surface areas. This is important to do first so you can rule out any companies that can’t provide all the services you need.


Step 2: Get price quotes.

Get price quotes from the local janitorial cleaning companies you are considering. Most companies require a visit to your office to give you an estimate. Some companies may offer to give you a quote without coming in, and while this isn’t necessarily a red flag, you can’t be sure that their quote will be the final price in the end. Also, be sure you get a list of the services the company will provide with their quote. You want to be sure everything you need is including in that price estimate.

Step 3: Seek references for the company.

Get references from the company. A quality company will be able to provide you with references from its clients. If they do not have references, it may be that they are not up to professional standards. Contact any references provided and ask how happy they are with the cleaning services that the company provided them.

Step 4: Ask about their employees and experience.

You want a cleaning service whose custodians and janitors are trained and experienced. Ask what certifications or training their custodians have. A company with years of experience such as this one is definitely a better bet. More experience means more chances to encounter all sorts of situations and potential issues and knowing how to handle them, giving you more peace of mind.

Step 5: Read through the contract carefully.

Read through the contract. Many companies will want you to sign a contract with them, where you agree to use their service exclusively for a certain amount of time. You may want a company who offers a trial period or offers month to month options, so you have some time to see how they do and decide if you wish to keeping employing their services.