How To Clean Your Home Office

More and more people around the globe opt-out from the standard Monday to Friday, 9 till 6 work week. They want flexibility and more control over their most valuable resource – time. Thus many professionals prefer to work from home than commute to an office building 2 hours away. What’s more in the age of Google, Skype and lots of other applications you can even work for someone on the other side of the world!

cleaning up your home office

Task One
Start with the keyboard. To be honest I eat sometimes in front of the laptop, watching a movie or something. I must admit some of the food finds its way down the keyboard and it gets stuck there. If you experience the same, here is what you can do. First, take it out in the garden and shake it out. Next, you can use a can of compressed air to force remaining dust and food particles out.

Task Two
I always find it hard to clean the monitor of my laptop. Here is what you should do. First, disconnect if you have a PC and wipe it down with non-abrasive microfiber cloth. These inexpensive clothes are just wonderful – no lint, no streaks, no spots or even scratches left! You don’t have to dampen it to collect the dust. After you have finished swipe and rinse the dust into the sink.

Task Three
Take time to remove the dust. Start moving from left to right or in reverse, but consistently so you don’t miss a spot. Take on windowsills, door panels, monitor, picture frames. Remove keypad, mouse even folders on your desk to wipe under. Wipe your chair, PC tower and printer if you enjoy one. Then vacuum.

Task Four
Sitting on our desk in front of the PC or laptop screen we found new microbes with every touch of the keyboard, click of the mouse and even phone call. Even though interactions with microbes is good for the immune system you can wipe those items once in awhile.

Task Five
Clean the clutter away. If you want to organize your thoughts and calm your mind, organize your desk first. Stress will go away or at least will decrease, while productivity will shoot up in the sky.

Task Six
Put the routine on your Google Calendar or Sticky Notes to clean every week if you work from home or have a telecommute job, or every two weeks if you use your home office less frequently. Just spending a couple of hours every week to clean your work-space, your home office cleaning chores will never become a serious problem.