How To Clean Your Table Lamp

Lighting in a home needs to be practical to provide the required illumination, but also stylish to add to the décor and there are a few types available. Table lamps are highly regarded because of their style and function; as such, they are great investments for those who want to improve room ambiance and add a sense of functionality. Like any home furnishings they need to be cleaned and the following are a few useful ideas to help.

cleanning your table lamp

Lamp Shades

Gathering all the table lamps in a home to clean them at the same time is common sense and the simplest idea to get the job completed quickly and efficiently. Many have shades that can be removed from the base and this should be done to make them easier to clean.


The supplies to be used will depend on the type of material being cleaned. Check to see if there is a label showing cleaning instructions and follow this if there is. Other than that, pick a detergent to suit the material being cleaned and deal with fabric, glass, plastic, and other materials separately.


Mix the detergent with water and rinse out a soft cloth in this. Wipe lamp shades gently to avoid any dents or damage and rinse out the cloth in a separate bowl of water as it gets dirty. Do the same with the bases and make sure these stay unplugged while working on them. Finish by using a cloth rinsed in clean water to take off any soapy residue.


Leave the shades and bases to dry for a few hours and make sure all moisture is gone before putting them back together. Water and electricity don’t mix, so make sure everything is completely dry before using the lamp again.

Table lamps are practical household fixtures that bring light to a room, as well as being decorative pieces that add to a home’s appearance. Regular cleaning will keep them in best condition and ensure that they remain looking like the day they were bought. The tips above can help with this, so take note of them the next time you clean the lamps in your home.