How to Cure Common Body Ailments with Herbs

People who are aware of the healing powers of herbs always use herbal products. They can maintain a healthy body and mind naturally. If you are aware of the useful herbs, then you can use them for your family to cure common body ailments.

What is an Herb?

Initially people had a conception that an herb means those plants, which are small and seasonal, but when we take a look at the herbal products, you will find a long list of herbal remedies. These herbal remedies are prepared by using different parts of the trees like roots, stem skin and flowers.

The Role of an Herbalist

Someone who is well aware of the healing properties of various herbs is known as an herbalist. Herbalist can define everything from how to pick the herbs from their wild habitat to how to use them to cure bodily ailments. They educate people to change their diet and lifestyle also so that they can improve their health in totality, rather than concentrating on their specific body ailments.

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Herbal Tea and Weight Loss

An herbal tea provides the same results as you will get by using the herbal products. Herbal tea is a combination of different herbs and you can use them in hot water to prepare tea. If you are purchasing ready-made herbal tea for weight loss, make sure that they are free from any preservatives. This is also imperative on your part to check they don’t have any artificial additives or sugar. This will ensure that you get the best medicinal properties of these herbs. You can also add a teaspoon of honey to your cup of herbal tea; this will make it more palatable. You can also add lemon juice to your tea. Kratom extract resin.

Herbs for Healing

There are many types of herbs, but you can use only those herbs, which are easily available to you.You cannot go into the forest to collect herbs which you know not. You can use basil, lavender and chamomile, but the success of these herbal remedies depends on several factors. It depends on how your body is reacting to that particular remedy. The amount you have consumed and the quality of that remedy also matters. Popular remedies which you can also grow in your kitchen garden are garlic, rosemary, Echinacea and thyme.Kratom extract resin.


This is a common and age old method to use herbs with salt and charcoal. Salt and charcoal are used to activate the herbal properties. Wrap it in a cloth and place it on the skin or on that specific part of your body where treatment is required. This is an ancient method, but it provides wonderful results.

When you are using the herbs, consult an herbalist, who is aware of the healing powers and side effects of the herbs. There are many herbs, which you cannot digest whereas, there are many which you cannot use as a poultice. There are many harmful herbs like poison ivy which is also called RhusTox. Clematis, bloodroot, laburnum and foxglove are also toxic herbs.