How to Do Your Own Car Detail for Cheap

Detailing your car can help make your car good as new again. Top defensive driving courses strongly recommended that you take the time to have your car detailed before attempting to sell it or trade it in at a car dealership. However, detailing your car can be costly if you allow the professionals to do it. Fortunately, you can detail it yourself and still get it looking great for a fraction of what a professional will charge. Here are a few of the ways you can detail your own car inexpensively.

detailing your car

Wash Your Car with a Car Washing Soap

Many people wash their car with something like laundry detergent or dish soap. This will not bring out the shine in your car’s paint. Invest in a car washing soap and wash your car by hand for the best results. Once your car is washed, dry it with fluffy microfiber towels to ensure there are no water spots or lint left behind.

Clean Your Rims and Tires

Once your car is washed, take the time to soak your wheels and rims with a tire cleaning product. Even if you may know what are riders in NY insurance, you may not think to wash either of these items, but dirty tires with a clean car will stand out like a sore thumb. Professional tire cleaning products do the best job at cleaning both your rims and tires.

Use a Clay Bar Kit

A clay bar can buff scratches and water spots out without damaging the paint. Use one of the kits on your car after washing it to remove any imperfections that remain on your car. However, be advised that you should never use clay bars on your car in areas where the paint is peeling or damaged, as the clay bar can lift already damaged paint.

Wax Your Car

Waxing your car helps bring out the shine in your car’s paint and gets it looking great. Waxing can be a tedious process and you need to put some muscle into the process for the best results. However, when done properly, waxing will get your car shining, reminding you of the day you first purchased your car. Additionally, waxing the car helps to keep it looking clean longer, so it is well worth the time investment involved.

Use an Air Compressor on the Interior

Once the outside of your car is clean, you will want to clean the inside. Start by using an air compressor to blow dirt and dust out of air crevices in your car. This is the best way to remove trapped in dirt and dust that can otherwise be hard to remove.

Vacuum the Car

Next, vacuum the interior of the car with a shop vacuum. If needed, use the air compressor again to remove any dirt and dust that remains and then re-vacuum. Continue this process until all the dirt and dust is gone.

Remove Stains from the Seats and Carpet

If there are any stains on the seats or carpet, use a carpet stain removing solution to remove them. If the stains won’t lift, you will want to take your car to a professional upholsterer for stain removal. However, if you remove stains when they first appear, most will lift with a little elbow grease.

You use your car often. As such, it can quickly become dirty. Taking the time to detail your car helps it to look its best. It also helps it to maintain its resale value, maximizing the amount of money you can get for your car when it is time to sell it or trade it in.